Gently take back control
of your life and
really shine

Welcome to MindSpa

Your very own MindSpa.

Looking after your mind can be enjoyable and empowering. When you’ve visited your MindSpa once, you can visit any time you like and invest as much time as you want — and even a swift visit of only a few minutes can have a lasting, beneficial effect. It can take as little as 5 minutes, and it can feel great!

What are the benefits?

Each MindSpa adventure guides you to a wonderful and relaxed state of body and mind. Once there, it’s all about you and the adventure you’ve chosen.

Benefits include:
– Deeper Relaxation
– Heightened Mindfulness
– Instant Stress Reduction
– Improved Self-esteem
– Increased Creativity

Ready to play?

Head on over to the MSO Adventures page.

MindSpa Adventures

The mindSpa Journeys — delightful little hypnotic stories — are a great  place to begin:

  • playful and fun, and they feel great
  • build strong foundations for a healthy mind and successful change
  • become familiar with success
  • get comfortable with expressing a little personal power.
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MindSpa Odyssey

ODYSSEY: 1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. 2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.

Maybe you’ve explored and enjoyed the Adventures, and you’re getting curious about the next step;

Maybe you’ve got something specific you’d like to outgrow, take the brakes off and find out how much more you can be;

Maybe you’d like some coaching and/or hypnotherapy.

Contact me today and begin the journey of a lifetime — an odyssey. You’ll receive high quality, personalised coaching and hypnotherapy, discover much more of how to use your mind to outgrow unwanted patterns of thought and behaviour, and discover how much more you can be when you stop getting in your own way, and, most importantly, find out what it’s like when you gently take back control of your life and really shine.

If you’d like more, feel free to send me a message via e-mail ( or call +44 (0)7493 222 032. You can also head on over to the coaching and hypnotherapy page to discover how I can help.

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Help Me

You may have something specific in mind, such as outgrowing a phobia or fear, getting more confident, achieving your ideal weight, stopping smoking, or maybe something else.

Get in touch via e-mail, Facebook or phone to find out how hypnotherapy and coaching can help you.

I aim to respond to enquiries within 24 hours.