Gently take back control
of your life and
really shine


Do I need to wear anything special?

Dress for comfort.


Can anyone do MindSpa Odyssey?

If you have an imagination and can sit or lie down for 30 minutes then you’re all set.


How much will it be?

Odyssey (change work/hypnotherapy): £80 per session. Each session can be from 1 – 2 hours, dependent on what we need to help you get some progress.

Self-hypnosis classes: by donation.


How many sessions will I need?

That’s up to you. I work hard to ensure you get the changes you want as soon as you’re able, and I’m not in the habit of making promises I cannot keep. When you get what you’re looking for, realise change can be rewarding and you can do it, that’s when the fun really starts for me.


OK so I’ve visited my MindSpa. Do I have to wait for you to help me visit again?

You can visit your MindSpa any time you want, any time it is safe to do so (not while driving a car). The more you visit, the more you’ll get out of it — and the better you’ll feel! So enjoy the adventures whenever you want, with the MSO recordings or on your own, get all the benefits and practise feeling great.


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