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of your life and
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Emergency Sessions (I just want help now!)

Sometimes there’s no time to build strong foundations and develop the skills and mindset for continuous and rewarding change. Sometimes you just need something dealt with — right now!

It might be:

  • Surgery or dental surgery
  • Phobias (flying, spiders, heights, examinations and more)
  • Your driving test
  • … anything immediate and stressful.

Well, that’s what these emergency sessions are for: getting specific results, and fast.

Contact me via <e-mail, facebook, telephone> and we’ll book 3x 1 1/2 hour sessions for you:

  1. Triage — getting started, giving you room and space to change
  2. Your feedback — tailoring change process to work powerfully and permanently for you
  3. Aftercare — lock in that change, tidy up anything else that might crop up.

If you are wanting to stop smoking or start slimming, please consider the MindSpa Odyssey approach for lasting, effective change and choice.