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Training and Services

Coaching and Hypnotherapy:

Let go of what’s been holding you back, and find out what’s possible. You’ll find out more about how your mind works, how to outgrow unproductive patterns of thought and behaviour, and you’ll find out how to start creating the life you desire. Head on over to the coaching page for detail and how to begin.


Self-hypnosis the MindSpa Odyssey way:

Discover self-hypnosis in an easy-to-use format with supporting audio recordings to supplement your practice. Classes and presentations are simple, enjoyable and practical, and can be tailored for your needs.


Stress Management:

Practical skills, language, approaches to managing stress in the workplace. This presentation is popular with groups and those facing challenges with time and workload, and with customers and patients with particular needs such as medical practice staff and management.


Public speaking and story-telling

Combining experience of almost 15 years of studying the mind and hypnosis with well over a decade of public speaking, presentations and tour guiding. These are tailor made to your needs, whether it’s the quality of your voice, the structure of your presentation or the confidence to stand up and capture the attention of a large group of people.


Winter/Spring Wellbeing with Anna Canning.

I love working with Anna of Flora Medica. Her background as a herbalist and years of research mean her presentations are always informative and current, well-grounded in research and science and accessible to all. She and I both believe in the importance of putting the knowledge and responsibility for taking care of yourself squarely where it belongs: with you. The well-being workshops can involve learning how to make balms, massage waxes and oils, foraging, meditations and much more. Highly recommended.


Contact Me:

If you’re interested in how these courses can benefit you, your business and your employees, please feel free to contact me at or call +44 (0)7493 222 032 for further information.