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MindSpa Odyssey

My name's Fred. I'm a hypnotherapist

Whenever I tell people this, they usually ask if I can make people do whatever I want.

I can’t even make a cat do what I want!

I can, however, help people do what they want: relax, get comfortable, get to sleep; and change the behaviours and patterns of thought they’re not happy with. 

I’ve been helping people do this for almost 20 years.

If you’ve any questions, you can find me on social media using the buttons below, or send me a message.

When people come to a hypnotherapist,

it’s usually for one of 3 reasons:

You're stressed

There’s no avoiding it: modern life is full of pressures, expectations and demands. When they build up beyond what we think we’re capable of, we get stressed and overwhelmed.

A little bit of stress can be a great motivator, but when it builds up it can affect our mood, eating and appetite, relationships, friendships, health and more.

We know we need a break from the stress. When we get a little room to breathe, a calm space to clear our head and start thinking clearly, everything else gets a little more manageable.

You’ve got some behaviour you want to stop or improve.

Maybe you bite your nails or lips, smoke, or comfort eat. You know it’s bad for you.

You’ve tried telling yourself off, they’ve tried telling yourself what you want, you’ve tried willpower. You’ve probably even had a little success for a day or a week – but it seems to sneak back in the moment you stop focusing.

It’s so frustrating! It’s so automatic. It’s almost it’s like it’s not even you doing it.

When the clients I work with get this thing sorted, they feel so much better as so much of their focus and energy is freed up.

You’re paralyzed by anxiety or fears.​

Sometimes it’s nervousness or anxiety, self-doubt, sometimes it’s overwhelming fear: the dry mouth, racing heart and nausea.

You’ve probably adjusted big chunks of your life to avoid the experience, changing your daily route to avoid triggers or people, and maybe even given up on some activities.

Forcing yourself through the experience hasn’t changed anything. Your quality of life is suffering and you want to finally be free of that fear.

My husband, Dave Dobson,PhD and I, Barbara J. Stepp, have helped people for over 90 years with our No Fault Psychology ™ and Other than Conscious Communication ™.

We call ourselves people helpers. I am delighted to recommend Fred Fogarty as a caring, skilled people helper.

Whether it is relaxation, stress management, any pattern of thought/behavior you want to outgrow or a goal to achieve, he can assist you. I highly recommend him and respect him as a colleague.
Enjoy his Mind Spa Odyssey! You’ll be delighted when you do!

How does it work?

Putting you back in control

People sometimes tell me it feels like their problem is out of their control.

The truth is, they’ve probably been going about things the wrong way – like trying to steer a car by shouting directions from the back seat.

We’ve got to get you in the driver seat and remind you how to drive.

That’s what hypnosis is: putting you back in control.

Working together

Although hypnotherapy can seem like a passive experience from the outside, it’s an active experience on the inside. There are no magic words (well okay, <maybe there’s one>), and hypnosis isn’t magic. If it was as simple as reaching in and rewiring people, we wouldn’t have any problems. 

You’ll want to choose someone you can trust to help you – that’s why most hypnotherapists (and therapists in general) will offer you a ‘discovery call’ to see if working together will be a good fit.
<Find out more about me> and what <kind of people I really enjoy working with>.

Getting started

and on-going support

the Journey into Relaxation

A beautiful, meditative introduction to the MindSpa experience. Discover 5+ ways of relaxing profoundly, when you want, when you need.

It’s like listening to a calming, absorbing story that helps you change path. Naturally shift from the pressures of the demanding, digital world, and open a door to profound mental and physical relaxation.

The Journey into Relaxation uses words, music and binaural beats to gently guide you through a profoundly relaxing experience. I’ve carefully crafted it to help you build a MindSpa and a room where you can get comfortable, drift off, and discover how to return whenever you want. 

The audio is free, and you can listen to it right here. If you’d like a little extra help with it, I’ve made a course available with free membership here. You’ll find some reminders on what you discovered, how to get back, and how to use it.

If you’d like more beautiful recordings like this, you’ll find loads more in the Library and at the Weekly events.

For dealing with panic attacks Fred’s technique is excellent.

After only two sessions he has sorted me out just fine.
I am most grateful for his help.


Ayr, Scotland

Got something specific?

Here are some examples

From Stress to Deeply Relaxed

Too much going on? Feel like you're always playing catch-up? Take a break from stress. When you find calm, everything gets a little easier. Relax, find clarity and enjoy life.


Crippling fear interfering with your life? Whether you rationalise it away or realise it’s not rational, it still screws up your life. Keeping yourself safe ends up hurting you later. Get help; get freedom from that fear.

Social Anxiety

Tired of pressure, panic, feeling judged or overwhelmed? Discover how to let go, ease up on yourself, enjoy social experiences

Stop Smoking

You’ve tried using willpower. Quitting should be easy, yet you’ve kept on smoking.
Willpower only works as long as you keep using it – stop using it and you’re screwed. Get your brain on your side and stop it for good.


Got an annoying habit you just can’t seem to stop? get freedom from old, unwanted thoughts and behaviours – and automate new, useful ones.

Something else

Exam stress, pain alleviation, self-hypnosis, resilience and more.

Getting to where you want to be

Choose your own adventure

The Mindspa is an oasis of calm in a busy and turbulent world. Fred has the most soothing descriptive voice that let's you totally escape the daily grind and you feel refreshed and renewed after just a short session.


West Scotland

the MindSpa

Start gently. Voyage inwards to create a beautiful spa in your mind. Create rooms to help you relax, ditch stress, take care of yourself and much more. Enjoy empowering yourself as you discover effective self-hypnosis.

New beautiful Adventures each week with live MindSpa Weekly events for members. A growing library of incredible recordings for you to explore.  

[...] I appreciate the time and effort you took to guide me through the process. I don’t think I ever would have gotten there on my own if you hadn’t helped me… and what is better we were continents and time zones away and it still worked! I will knock on your door when and IF I need help again! Cheers!!!!


Tampa Bay, Florida

the Odyssey

Life isn’t just a journey — it’s an odyssey.  

It’s the journey of a lifetime, with many changes in fortune. 

Outgrow old, unwanted patterns of thought and behaviour; create  new ones you actually want and make them habit.  Hypnotherapy, coaching and continuing support, gently guiding you to success.

Gently take back control of your life and really shine!

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