Getting Started

Welcome to MindSpa Odyssey

offering effective hypnotherapy, personal development, resilience and coaching in Edinburgh and beyond.

The MINDSPA: it’s a playful approach to self-discovery, building a spa in your mind full of delightful things. Whether it’s deep, profound relaxation, ditching stress, practising new skills, or even just taking the first steps in , check out the MindSpa Adventures. As you explore the recordings, you’ll have the opportunity to add more rooms into your MindSpa, more flexibility and more fun in your life. 

The ODYSSEY: for help with a broad range of concerns, from outgrowing old, unproductive habits to learning new, healthy and empowering ones; leaving anxiety behind; outgrowing fears and discovering how to change your life. Check out your MindSpa Odyssey. You’ll find a list there containing just a few of the things I’ve helped clients achieve over the last 15+ years and, hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration to gently take back control of your life and really shine!

If you’re unsure whether MindSpa Odyssey can help you, maybe you’ve been hypnotised into believing ‘I can’t be hypnotised’, or you’re feeling dissastisfied with some area of your life, feel free to send an e-mail to We’ll find out how hypnotherapy and the MSO approach can help you.