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Ballet dancer, public speaker, spokesperson

About Me


How do you outgrow shyness, connect with people naturally and replace insomnia with a great night’s restorative sleep?

How do some people make big changes easily — and why, for so many of us, do progress and change seem so challenging?

Fred’s journey started with a long list of things he wanted to change. Determined not to let crippling shyness, perfectionism and broken sleep ruin the rest of his life, he picked up some old books on hypnotherapy.

Two decades later, two decades of helping clients, friends and strangers, and he’s got some answers. He’ll tell you that pretty much all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis – and he can prove it. It’s your thoughts that matter!

He’s learned that everyone can make changes (staying the same takes a lot of work!).

Being human means even small changes can sometimes feel big and scary – and he loves bringing empathy, humour and patience to help you make real, lasting progress.

And, the thing that brings him greatest joy: his clients aren’t just waiting for the magic words – they’re placed at the centre of an empowering journey of success, adventure and freedom.

Fred is a hypnotherapist and professional people-helper, highly acclaimed tour guide, public speaker, has given training in stress management to GP surgeries and worked as a professional dancer.

Fred is a hypnotherapist and professional people-helper. He’s used his skills to: become a highly acclaimed tour guide, public speaker and professional dancer; and give training in stress management and self-hypnosis to communities, organisations, businesses and GP surgeries.

He’s created an online library of beautiful recordings to help people remember how to relax profoundly, get rid of stress and get to sleep more easily in under 30 minutes.

Changing the hypnosis we do for ourselves really helps – and results matter. The list of things Fred wants to improve now is still long, but it looks a lot different from 20 years ago. Old fears like ‘Will they like me?’ have turned into curiosity and enjoyment; sleep is restorative and refreshing … and he finished writing this bio.

And that’s the way of things. We heal ourselves. Sometimes we just need a little help. Help to figure ourselves out, treat ourselves more kindly, get out of our own way, and learn how to do things differently.

That journey starts any time you want it to.

If you want, it’ll start when you come and say “Hi!”

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