Sign up for coaching with MindSpa Odyssey!

You’ll get:

Fortnightly one-to-one video call sessions 

Sessions work out at £48.50 (£97 per month, a saving of up to 46%) 

top tier subscriber access (tier 2), including

  • access to the MSO:Adventures recordings, including downloads
  • Access and downloads of the premium MSO:A recordings with music

The coaching deal is for a minimum of 4 months and I guarantee it:

There’s an audition. I only have the resources for a handful of coaching clients each month. I love hearing of the successes of my clients. I only want coaching clients who are committed to making progress.

We’ll work towards the things you want to change, then many more changes after that. You’ll discover how to make changes for yourself. 

If you really want to create the life you want, it’s going to take more than just one magical change. This coaching deal stacks the deck in your favour, giving you the best support and approach to gently take back control of your life and really shine.

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