How to listen

Sit or lie back, get comfortable and relax.

Make sure your arms and legs are uncrossed, and your head and neck are supported.

You could:

follow along with every word;

let the experience happen around you;

join in with the exercises;

or just drift off.

Trance and hypnosis are very natural, very human experiences. Some people experience it more vividly than others, some are more skilled, but we’re all capable.

Please don’t ‘try’. There’s no need to actively ‘help’ the experience. You don’t have to do any more than you would listening to the radio or a podcast.

You also don’t have to remember anything. I release the recording of the Live Event around the Thursday of that week. It’ll be available to listen for free on the MindSpa page for a week, in the membership area for whenever you want to listen, and in the shop/downloads page to download and keep offline. Once I’ve built up the website a little more, I’ll get back to making the MindSpa MiniMeditations — small videos to help you explore, recall, and make the most of the Adventure recordings.

Each person’s experience is unique, and yours will probably differ from time to time. This is natural.

If you reorient early and/or want to leave at any time, you’re free to do so. I won’t take offence!

What are some common comments?

‘I could hear everything you said.’ Great! You were listening. Hypnosis doesn’t mean deaf, nor does it mean asleep. You might experience a little naturally-occurring amnesia for some parts (you might not remember them after the experience).

‘I fell asleep!’ Though I’ve had this happen when working with insomniac clients, in most cases it just seems that way. It’s almost like the conscious mind (the part of us that’s aware we’re aware) recedes into the background. You might not have conscious recollection of the experience without being prompted. You’ll probably get ‘time distortion’, where time seems like it passed very quickly. These experiences sometimes make it seem like we’ve been asleep — but people reorient right on time when requested.

‘I keep talking to myself.’ This is also common. You’re experiencing a hypnotic experience, you’re not dead or asleep. If you’ve got a strong pattern of talking to yourself, you might still do it. You might also relax a little more, get comfortable and forget to talk to yourself for a bit. If you catch yourself saying something unproductive, then stop, take a deep breath, have a little chuckle, and get curious about what would be more productive instead. I have a guide for outgrowing patterns in the Voyager and Odyssey memberships, and there are a bunch of MindSpa Adventure recordings to help you out, too!

If you’ve any questions, you’re very welcome to ask me either privately or on the Zoom call.