Privacy and Confidentiality

This is for the MindSpa Live Events. You can read about my 1-to-1 hypnotherapy and coaching sessions privacy and confidentiality here.

Privacy and confidentiality are important to me. I don’t tell people outside of the live events who turned up or what they said. I record only my audio, and only during the MindSpa Adventure itself. It is a live event, and other people will see you if your video is on.

For the Live Events, there’s no expectation for you to perform, chat, participate, or anything else. I’ll acknowledge your arrival and you can engage as much or as little as you like. You don’t have to stick around to the end if you want to leave. All I ask is that you act courteously, respecting yourself and treating others as they would like to be treated.


Hypnotic experiences are more art than science (though science backs up hypnosis and suggestion). It’s a dialogue, even if only one person uses words.

I need your webcam on for the first couple of events so I can observe how you’re experiencing the MindSpa, do my professional duty of care, and offer you the best experience I can.

I don’t record any video at alI from these experiences, nor from 1-to-1 sessions.

Audio recording:

I record my audio, my voice, to save the MindSpa Adventure itself so I have a record of it, host it on the website and offer the Adventure for downloads.

I don’t record the chats beforehand; I don’t record any talk after.

If you’re curious about what exactly gets recorded in the Live Events, check out the free MindSpa Adventures on the MindSpa page. The recordings from the Weekly events (not the Original Journey into Relaxation, obviously — that has music and binaural beats in it) is exactly and entirely what is recorded.