Schedule for MindSpa Live events

Live Event schedules might change, so please check your e-mails from me and, if you’re connected, social media.

First Tuesday of the month:

Deeply Satisfying Relaxation

6.30pm to just after 7pm UK time

We take a gentle, nourishing and restorative visit to the Room for Relaxation.

This event is free. It’s open to free, Voyager and Odyssey members.

Tuesdays (other than above):

MindSpa Weekly

6.30pm to just after 7pm UK time

Sometimes we’ll create something new and beautiful, often based on conversations and requests in the Zoom chat or messaged to me in advance. Other times, we’ll revisit, refine and develop existing rooms and experiences.

This event is for Voyager and Odyssey members. Please make sure you have either attended the Deeply Satisfying Relaxation event or listened to one or more of the MindSpa Adventures before joining these sessions. The Original Journey into Relaxation is a great place to start. Having this foundation in place frees us up to explore some fun and intersting experiences in these MindSpa Weekly events!

Sundays, when scheduled:

Sunday Sleepy Storytime

9.30pm to around 10.20pm UK time

These ones are a real treat. Get together with some virtual friends, get comfortable, and take a longer, deeper dive into comfort and relaxation. They start later and focus on better, more enjoyable, sleep.

Sometimes we’ll have a story, then transition to beautiful trance experiences. We might explore metaphors, shifting gears before letting go. They vary in content and last longer.

There’s no ‘curfew’, so you can stay out as late as you like: you can transition to a comfortable sleep; or, you can reorient, go about your day, and look forward to a beautiful sleep later.