What’s it like?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the MindSpa Live Events!

Why would you want to come to MindSpa live? It’s tricky for me to describe. There’s a difference between seeing a concert on your screen and being there live. There’s a difference between watching a recording of a webinar and being there in person. It’s an experience — and this experience is shaped, in part, by the people who join me live.

It’s a fascinating, enjoyable, absorbing journey inwards to nourish and become more familiar with yourself. There’s no expectation for you to ‘join in’, you don’t have to contribute, and you don’t have to stick around to the end if you want to leave.

It’s therapeutic, not therapy.

At the heart of it, each MindSpa Adventure is like a guided, hypnotic meditation to help people relax, ditch stress, get to sleep more easily and explore powerful other-than-conscious resources (such as: creativity; inspiration; outgrowing old, unwanted patterns; pain management and much more).

If you’ve ever got so absorbed in an experience — for example, listening to a great storyteller, getting lost in a book or movie — then you’ll have some idea of the starting point. You might have forgotten about your body, time probably went by very quickly, you forgot about your breathing and blinking. It might even have been so vivid it’s like you were right there in the experience.

The MindSpa experiences bring together narrative, hypnotic suggestion and structure, some meditative and contemplative questioning. Each bit of it is lovingly crafted to help you get comfortable, relax and drift off on an enjoyable, absorbing experience. They’re full of beneficial suggestions for you to try on and make use of.

You’ll find two examples over on the MindSpa page. One is the Original Journey into Relaxation (a beautiful piece with all the trimmings: music, binaural beats and more); and the other is the most recent MindSpa Weekly experience. It’s tricky for me to describe something as experiential and personal as a MindSpa Adventure, so head on over and find out for yourself.

I’ve spent two decades helping people relax, get comfortable, change their mind, change their lives and achieve remarkable things. If I could pass anything back to a teenage me, just starting out on the path of exploring and improving mental health, it would be, ‘You don’t have to be so serious about this.’ I placed so much emphasis on getting things perfect, that everything might be my responsibility, I missed out on some of the big lessons:

Looking after your mind and mental health can be enjoyable and rewarding. It doesn’t have to be hard work.

Combining seriousness and perfectionism can make the terrain particularly rough and unforgiving.

There’s great power in making small improvements regularly.

We tend to live down to the level of our training or expectations, rather than rise to the occasion. Practise things like relaxation when you don’t need them, so they’re there for you when you do.

So, what does all this mean? Let’s take a gentler, more consistent approach. Lay some foundations: relaxation, getting calm and scrubbing away stress. Enjoy exploring self-hypnosis and the mind-body connection as you build on success. Once you know you can relax at will just by requesting it of yourself, you’ll be much better positioned to bring about change in your day-to-day life. You’ll be well on your way to …

‘gently take back control of your life and really shine.’

I love creating these experiences and sharing them with people. The MindSpa experience is very much shaped by the Live Events, who turns up, what we get to chatting about, what’s on your mind, and more. Without the Live Events, things would have been very different indeed! I’m super looking forward to your company on an Adventure.