Outgrow old, unwanted patterns of behaviour (and thought) with a sigh

Source material

Check out the FunShops

I’ve done what I can to lay out the fundamentals of interrupting patterns and outgrowing them.
I didn’t come up with it — my friend and mentor Barb Stepp and her life partner, Dave Dobson, did. It comes from their body of work Other-Than-Conscious Communication(tm) and No Fault Psychology(tm).

The best way to explore it is in one of their FunShops (learning should be fun, not work!).

I loved attending them. If an in-person event isn’t possible, then the next best way to find out more is from the videos and audio recordings.

If you’re interested in a better crafted, elegant explanation with the context around it, head on over to https://excelquest.com/?s=funshop and consider checking out the source material. I’ve listened to it so many times and have found it invaluable.