Downgrading or Cancelling

Downgrading and cancelling membership are simple here.

Head on over to your account page.

Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ section.

Click on ‘Change Plan’ and you’ll be able to downgrade or cancel as you wish.

If you’re cancelling or downgrading from Voyager, your membership will remain active for the remainder of the paid period. For example, if your membership payments happen on the 1st of the month and you cancel on the 20th, you’ll still be able to access the membership for the remainer of the month and further payments will be cancelled.

If you have an Odyssey membership, we’ll have spoken about a 4 month minimum before we begin working together. You can still use the steps in this course to cancel, upgrade and downgrade as long as it’s within the agreements we laid out at the beginning of working together.

If you need any help, you’re welcome to send me a message.