Hypnotherapy and Coaching

The recordings I create are designed to help you get started. They’re a way of exploring, creating, developing and accessing resources like relaxation, creativity, and more. The more you’re familiar with them, the more practise you have of accessing them, the more these resources will be there for you when you need them.

They’re not supposed to be magic, make you do anything or change your life (if this happens, big bonus points and congratulations!).

I’m a people-helper — a hypnotherapist by skill and trade. I love helping people. I’ve been doing so for over 20 years.

If you’re experiencing something you’d like help with, from anxiety to performance, phobias to habits, consider hypnotherapy.

How do you know how to choose a hypnotherapist? I originally put together these MindSpa Adventures recordings so people could get an idea of my philosophy, get to know me a little, hear my voice, so that they could make an informed decision. I’ve got a few thoughts on choosing a hypnotherapist, what hypnosis is (and what it isn’t), and more in-depth information on my hypnosis and hypnotherapy pages.

I also offer a coaching programme, with the goal of helping you progress through as many changes (big and small) as you can in a year. A big part of it is offering you the skills, techniques, philosophy and psychology that I’ve gleaned from 20 years of experience and research so that you can ‘gently take back control of your life and really shine.’

The MindSpa Adventures recordings are how I encourage people to familiarise themselves with their mind, how they can use it more elegantly, access some powerful resources. Hypnotherapy and coaching are how I help my clients really make progress.

If you think your needs might be better met by hypnotherapy and coaching, let me know. We can have a little chat and figure out whether working together will be beneficial.