The Free, Weekly
MindSpa Check-In

What do you do if you want to start slow?

How do you know if you’ll get on with the person helping you?


Every Tuesday, 6.30pm UK time, I run a free MindSpa experience. 

It’s free, it’s weekly, there’s no expectation to buy anything, you don’t need any previous experience. 

Each Tuesday we take a visit to the MindSpa [link to mindspa page explanation]. They’re beautifully crafted hypnotic stories, creating a powerful experience for you to discover the foundations of self-hypnosis. We’ll build your MindSpa together, creating a room in your mind for accessing and nurturing powerful other-than-conscious [link to post explaining] resources. Sometimes it’s carefully planned: profound relaxation, ditching stress, healing, inspiration and more. Sometimes I’ll be going through and refining some ideas, so you’ll get the benefits of great products. Sometimes we’ll just get creative and playful and do something spontaneous – unique experiences that might never happen again. 

You’ll be able to get to know me a bit and get an idea of what the MindSpa experience is like. When you’re ready, you can sign up for membership or book in some one-to-one coaching sessions to make those changes you really want and get some great results!

I want you to be able to use the MindSpa for yourself, so you can begin the journey of gently taking back control of your life.  This is a great place to begin.


It’s a small, cosy group. If you’d like to join in or have any questions, send me a message [contact link] , FB [link] or use the form here. Members [link] get first dibs, but I keep 2 spaces dedicated to newcomers. 




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