Zoom (the virtual meeting software we use on Tuesdays and Sundays for the live events) hasn't placed a priority on letting me record only the audio to my computer. In order to keep your privacy and confidentiality, I've had to make up some solutions to get round Zoom's shortcomings.


So, we have 3 versions of audio recording.


I record each MindSpa Weekly session in two ways: using a small lapel mic to my phone; and using a fancy Yeti mic connected to the PC.


The computer version with fancy mic should be better quality, is insulated from interference, but sometimes produces a background hum.


The lapel mic has a good quality to it, closer to the mouth and no hum -- and sometimes gets brushed against or picks up interference.



I've also just started using new AI-boosted software from Adobe, applying it to a version of the PC recording. The AI can make the whole recording sound like a fancy podcast. It also changes and removes some important details such breathing suggestions and resonance of my voice. 


I offer you the 3 versions so you can explore the ones you enjoy the most. 

Somewhere quiet where you won't get disturbed for 30 mins. 

If you're listening to the fancy Adventures with music (such as the Journey into Relaxation), I recommend using headphones or earphones. The music has binaural beats to help you, so speakers (unless they are very precisely positioned) miss out on the extra good stuff.

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