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Do pain, fear, stress or anxiety prevent you from getting the dental care you need?

I help you get calm and relaxed at the dentist and know you can handle whatever comes up.

So, you can say goodbye to fear and get your smile back!

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We all know our teeth and good dental care are important​

so why is going to the dentist so scary, and what can you do about it?

We all have colleagues’, friends’ or even our own horror stories of when it goes badly.

A friend once told me that the abcess in their gums was more painful than childbirth. I’ve heard horror stories of wisdom tooth extraction, even though leaving it alone was too painful to consider. When a friend told me an abcess in her gums was more painful than childbirth, I doubled down on flossing, brushing and regular check-ups.

Yet even with stories like these, we still avoid going to the dentist. 

The reasons feel so strong to us that even true horror stories don’t motivate us to get the care we need.

So, what’s going on and is there hope?

Common reasons we avoid the dentist

fear, anxiety

It comes in many flavours – from the subtle shades of anxiety, nervousness and stress, to nausea, dry mouth, shaking, panic and terror.

It stops you from getting the help and work necessary to have strong, healthy teetch and a mouth that feels comfortable and looks good. Sedation (like Diazepam) can be a 2 year wait on the NHS and cost upwards of £450 privately in the UK. Figuring out how to get calm on purpose doesn't just save people time, money and teeth, it's a life skill to enjoy every day.

How do you free yourself from fear and break the cycle? I've got some tried, tested and trusted techniques and ideas for you.

needles, injections

Whether it's the sight of the needle or the sensations of an injection, the very thought of it is quite terrifying!

Feeling pinned down while someone tries to stick you with a needle can be truly traumatic.

So, just thinking of a needle or injection has a very strong effect on you? This is textbook self-hypnosis!
You've got a powerful mind. Now, it's time to harness this power and use it to make injections just another boring thing.


Head rattling, sickening vibrations, maybe even thoughts of drilling in concrete. It can be a horrible experience at the dentist.

Yet getting back in control can be surprisingly simple!

You have an inbuilt ability to 'dissociate' – get out of your body and feel almost nothing. We use this 'dissociation' plenty throughout the day, like when we skin our knees or get a small cut and don't feel anything until later. It's natural and commonplace – but nobody has shown you how to do it on purpose and when you want to.


We usually avoid pain. It makes it hard to think clearly; we feel distressed. Anticipating it creates stress and anxiety in the lead-up to the appointment – and makes it much worse in the moment.

There are plenty of ways to get calmer and clear-thinking as your appointment date arrives. Being calmer, not tensing, reduces the discomfort and makes the visit quicker and easier.

And, there plenty of ways to manage pain and minimise it in the moment.

out of control

All of these reasons to avoid the dentist – fear, pain, injections, someone's fingers in your mouth, drilling – can seem a lot worse if you feel out of control. It can lead to desperation, feeling powerless and panic. It just makes everything else worse.

The good news is that getting back in control can be surprisingly simple!

There are things you can do to build trust and communicate your needs to your dentist without even speaking. With a little pre-talk, you and your dentist can often figure out something that works for you both.

Bruxism (grinding your teeth)

Clicking or aching jaw, your teeth getting worn down. If it gets really bad then there's the awkwardness of the night guard, which is expensive and often gets lost or has to be replaced. Bruxism often happens alongside stress, tension and anxiety.

Soothing stress and anxiety, stopping jaw clenching and grinding – these things are all ideally suited to hypnotherapy. Forgetting about that night guard and getting a good night's sleep sounds pretty good to me.

What's the alternative?

What if things were different. 

What if you found a way of getting calm when you want, dealing with some of that fear, or taking a break from your body so those sensations don’t bother you any more.

Imagine what it would be like, as you walk into your dentist feeling calm, relaxed and in control instead.

Once the work is done, you check the dentist off the list as if it were just one more thing on a simple to-do list. 

No fuss, no worries, no stress. 

If this is you and you want help, let’s chat! 
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By telephone, the old-fashioned way

Hypnotherapy can be surprisingly effective in dental healthcare!

No, you can’t brush your teeth with hypnosis — but it really can help with the dentist experience. 

Fears, pain, not being in control, the sensations of drilling or injections,  embarrassment, shame – 

these things don’t need to bother you or hold you back. 

I help people get calm and relaxed at the dentist,

rely on natural, in-built techniques to
ignore sensation, discomfort,

reduce pain dramatically.

What do I know about this?

I’ve over 20 years helping people discover it really is possible to gently take back control of their mind.

My clients often outgrow fears and phobias as quickly as 1 – 3 sessions. 

I host weekly events where people practice getting calm, comfortable and relaxed whenever they want. The recordings from these events are a great introduction to hypnosis, self-hypnosis and resilience. 

There are many reasons we avoid going to the dentist. Relief from them is quite achievable with some help and commitment.

Want to make going to the dentist easier, 

feeling calm and like you can handle whatever comes up?

Let’s chat! 
Arrange a free 15 min call now so we can find out.

By telephone, the old-fashioned way

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