MindSpa Adventures : hypnotic and meditative audio experiences to help you
relax deeply, ditch stress and get to sleep more easily

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Pull up a comfortable chair and let’s get started

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, pop on your favourite headphones and dive into some thoroughly enjoyable physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

If the videos don’t load, you might need to enable some cookies (you can adjust these with the little round blue button in the bottom left of this webpage). Or, listen to some free examples at https://mindspaodyssey.com/the-mindspa/#free

What is the MindSpa?

It’s a spa — in your mind! We fill it with valuable experiences to help you:

  • relax comfortably and deeply
  • get rid of stress
  • organise thoughts
  • get to sleep more easily
  • learn effective self-hypnosis

and a whole bunch of other beneficial things. 

You can carry your MindSpa with you wherever you go and enjoy the benefits and skills when you need them!

If you want to get the benefits again after listening, you can use the imagery or suggestions — or just enjoy the recording again!

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