Membership - an overview

Getting Started

Why would you want to become a member, and which membership best suits your needs?


Relaxation, free and monthly live event. The Original Journey into Relaxation guide. A great starting point.


Access to the Library and weekly Live Events. Downloads of all the recordings. Guides and courses to get you started.


Hypnotherapy every 2 weeks at a gentle, sustainable pace. Support between sessions. Access to the Library. Gently take back control of your life and really shine!

Looking for something?

Quick Links

Shortcuts around the membership to make your life easier


Head straight to the Library for your MindSpa Adventures

Live Events

Where, when and how the MindSpa Weekly and Monthly events happen, and how to join

Manage Account

See your subscriptions, upgrade and downgrade your account, change your details


Master your Journey into Relaxation. Guides and courses to help you use your mind elegantly

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