MindSpa Odyssey Membership

An oasis of calm in a chaotic world


scrub away stress,
get to sleep comfortably

in under 30 minutes

build skills and foundations for the wellbeing of your mind

with 30 minute meditative and hypnotic recordings

to help you gently take back control of your life and really shine …

The MindSpa Adventures are beautiful and absorbing, 

hypnotic and meditative recordings to help you create a spa in your mind:

a MindSpa.

Each 30 minute recording has engaging stories and suggestions. 

Use them to fill your MindSpa with rooms that help you 

access, develop and use powerful, other-than-conscious resources: 

relaxation, getting rid of stress, creativity

and falling asleep more quickly and comfortably.


Even better: the MindSpa Adventure recordings empower you

With a little practice, return and get results and relief

time and again, without relying on a recording.

girl, sleep, lying down-1733352.jpg

deep, nourishing physical and mental relaxation

lake, platform, wooden platform-5488121.jpg
Scrub away stress

feel fresh and free from daily stress

field, poppy, summer-5236879.jpg

absorbing experiences to help quiet the chatter and drift off naturally

Start now

Start building your MindSpa and enjoy nourishing relaxation right away

a growing Library of 130+ beautiful recordings
awaits you inside

Looking after your mind doesn't have to be hard work.
Improving mental health and wellbeing can be playful, enjoyable and rewarding.

Which membership best suits your needs?


Begin your journey with MindSpa Odyssey  with this free membership. Includes a few things to get started and access to Live Events.


This is where the magic begins. Visit the MindSpa Library, relax and explore recordings, unlimited downloads, courses and much more.


Fortnightly hypnotherapy and coaching, support between sessions, access the Library, empowerment, resilience and much more!

Need a little more help?

If you don’t yet know what a MindSpa experience is like, check out some free ones over on the MindSpa page, then come back and choose the membership that suits you.

Want one-to-one help with a specific challenge e.g. phobias, anxiety, stress, habits, performance, sleep, pain? Head on over to the Hypnotherapy page or contact me directly.

How about change, choice, resilience and empowerment as long-term prospects? Find out more about your Odyssey.

MindSpa Free Membership

Just starting out? Not ready for major changes but still want to lay some foundations and make small, steady steps to a future where you get to choose how you respond?

Want a way to get started taking better care of your mind and yourself without pressure, expectation and failure screwing things up?

You can start off slow, easy and gentle with the MindSpa free membership. 

I created the Original Journey into Relaxation as a way of taking care of myself when I was struggling — both physically and mentally. It helped me relax deeply, soothed my mind and get out of my body when the discomfort was too much. It helped me get to sleep and return when I needed. You can read about me here and why I created the MindSpa experience here. 

Most people get so comfortable and relaxed, they forget to remember what’s in the recording. I made a guide to remind people of what’s in it, how to get results, and when you might use the imagery and skills out in the real world.

There are plenty of free resources here on the site (check out the MindSpa page for the most recent free recordings). 

You also get invites to the monthly Relaxation live events. A recording is great and informal; experiencing it live is something special. I highly recommend it. There’s no expectation to turn up — you get the invites anyway, and you can attend when you’re ready and when you want to.

Sign up for free MindSpa Membership

Get your Original Journey into Relaxation guide and access to the Monthly Deeeply Satisfying Relaxation live events.

MindSpa Voyager Membership

No more ‘one simple trick’ nonsense. No tricks or hacks — who wants to get tricked or hacked? 

Just sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the journey

Each MindSpa Adventure is designed to help you develop

What does your MindSpa Voyager Membership get you?

the Original Journey into Relaxation course

the recording and accompanying course to help you relax when and where you need it

Sunday Sleepy Storytime event recordings

the recordings of my very popular and sought-after 'sleep better' events

Access to a growing Library


Get it all for only £17.50 per month

Sign up for MindSpa Membership

Become a Voyager of beautiful inner worlds

Still got questions? (FAQ)

they play directly through the website. You will need an internet connection to access and use the website and its content. Headphones are highly recommended for the recordings with music; for the others, anything that plays loudly enough you can hear it while you drift off.

They’re highly recommended for the MindSpa Adventures recordings with music – the binaural beats are designed to work this way.
You can listen to the recordings by speaker as well.

Live events are over Zoom. The client/app for this are available for free online. You can also load up the video in a web browser. Best check with <zoom.us> for instructions on how to use it.
invitations are sent out to the events mailing list on the day the event happens.
So, make sure you’re subscribed to the mailing list and that you’ve told your e-mail client to put the e-mails in your inbox instead of spam.
You don’t have to turn up to events. The option is there for you when you’d like to.
If you turn up to live events, the first couple of times I’ll ask you to have your camera on. This is so I can do my duty of care, check to make sure you’re doing OK, and to make the experience the best I can. Once you’ve experienced a few, you can have your camera on or off.
If you’d prefer to have your camera off (or it isn’t working) for your first few live events, please let me know. We’ll arrange some other way of you getting feedback and updates to me, most likely by text in the Zoom chat box.

Yup! I don’t know how the membership software works yet. Likely, you can cancel payment at any time and the membership will be valid for the remainder of that monthly period. If you’ve any questions on payment, please <contact me> and I’ll endeavour to figure out an accurate answer for you soon as I can.

No. These recordings are not intended to be a cure for anything. They’re not intended to replace hypnotherapy, and they’re not intended to replace seeking advice or support from qualified medical or psychiatric professionals. <Have a look here> to see what I help with in one-to-one hypnotherapy and ongoing coaching. If you need professional help, find a professional (if you’re in the UK, your local GP is a great place to start) and ask them first. I’ll still be here making beautiful recordings if you want to come back (with their approval).

<Please contact me directly>. Let’s figure out together whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you and whether working together will be beneficial.

Create and explore your MindSpa

the MindSpa Membership

Get access to the Library, 80+ beautiful recordings, live events and more

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