Mind Kit talk


Hello and welcome! 

Thank you so much for joining in the talk about developing your own Mind Kit. 

I love sharing what I do and I’m grateful for your interest!

I’ve put a few resources in here you might find valuable. 

If you’d like to get or stay in touch, details are at the bottom of the page.



Scrub away stress, feel refreshed!


Use the code MINDKIT to make it free (100% discount)

and use this link: https://mindspaodyssey.com/the-library/scrub-away-stress-feel-refreshed/


Enjoyed these? How about membership

Over 130 recordings for you build, explore and enjoy your MindSpa. 

Membership also includes:

live weekly events (Tuesdays 6.30pm UK time)

monthly Sunday Sleep Story sessions (last Sunday of month, 9.30pm, live)

Use the code MINDKITMEMBER and I’ll be delighted to a take fiver off

(£12.50 per month instead of £17.50,  approx. 30% discount)

Get regular updates whenever a new MindSpa is available

and invitations to the free, live, Monthly Nourishing Relaxation calls

First Tuesday of each month, 6.30pm UK time.

Sign up for either or both with the form at the bottom of the page :)

Want to chat?

Maybe you’ve got something you’d like to change, and you’d like to know if I can help.

How about a free 15 minute call!  No sales, just figuring out if we might be a good fit to work together and help you out. 

You’re also welcome to send me an e-mail message via web form

(cuts down on spam so I can find your e-mail quicker).

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