Monthly Nourishing Relaxation

If you struggle with

Busy brain

| Bringing stress home with you |

Unable to switch off and relax

Make life easier with these free, 30 minute, hypnotic and meditative live experiences to

Soothe and slow your thoughts,
free yourself from stress,
remember how good it feels to relax,
and let go ...

Free and live over Zoom,  on the first Tuesday of each month, 6.30pm UK time (10.30am Pacific*)

*watch out for daylight savings changes! We’re going by the UK schedule

Sometimes getting through the week feels like walking through quicksand.

Work is stressful, and that stress spills over into personal and social time.

Maybe you even keep checking your phone for work messages, even though you clocked off hours ago.

What would you do with a reset button that could help you soothe and slow your thoughts, relax deeply, feel refreshed,

so that you can keep work and home separate, think more clearly and make the rest of the week easier …

Build a spa ... in your mind!
Head inside and explore a room for nourishing relaxation

the Essentials


First Tuesdays of the month
6.30pm UK time (usually 10.30am Pacific*)

* Check in March and October for Daylight Savings Time changes


Live over Zoom

In an informal, comfortable atmosphere

What you’ll get:

  • 20 – 30 minutes of downtime
  • Soothing, enjoyable audio experiences
  • No pressure. Turn up at the events you want to
  • Leave stress behind and relax deeply
  • Shortcuts so you can use your new skills when you want and need them
  • Structured, scheduled experiences (useful for people who forget to help themselves)
  • Recordings to practise, reinforce and improve

Get a break from stress, reclaim your personal time
and make the week easier to manage -
in under 30 minutes

What’s it like?

It’s a bit like a meditative experience, woven together with some hypnotic ideas, wrapped up in an absorbing story. Just like this example here!

Add in a few minutes of welcome chat at the start, round it out with a ‘Thank you!’ at the end, and you’ve got it. 

Simple, informal, deeply relaxing and very enjoyable.

Why did I start this?

I find life gets a lot easier when I’m calm, my mind isn’t racing, and I feel more relaxed.

The beginning of the week is usually stressful for me as I focus hard and go quickly to catch up on work and set a plan out for the week.

Sometimes it causes stress which spills out into my personal and social life.

By Tuesday night, I really need some way of changing gears. It’s a bit like I’ve sprinted too fast at the start of a long-distance race. I’ve caught up with the pack. Now, I need some way of resetting — calming down, ditching adrenaline and settling into a comfortable pace.

That’s just one way I use the MindSpa and the Room for Relaxation.

If you’d like to shift gears and relax, join me for a MindSpa Adventure — an audio experience to help slow down from a sprint to a stroll, soothing the mind and enjoying some nourishing relaxation …

Shift gears and engage your mind in a different way

Why attend live?

  • Live experiences are very different to recordings. Think concerts, sports, dancing — and nourishing relaxation.

  • Scheduled time you commit to — it’s like a meeting where you get to relax, take a break and prioritise your wellbeing

  • There’s a kind of ritual to live events. Expectation, preparation, experience. It shapes and greatly enhances the event and what you get out of it.

  • Community and cameraderie. If you keep forgetting to take good care of yourself going solo, maybe it’s worth doing it in company. Just because we’re responsible for ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to be lonely as well.

What to expect:

A few minutes’ chat to start,

I’ll ask you to get comfortable, arms and legs uncrossed, head and neck supported. 

Then eyes closed and we’re off to the mindspa.

If it’s your first time, I’ll recommend keeping your camera on. this is so i can check in, make sure i’m doing my duty of care, and deliver the best experience I can.

If you don’t want your camera on, let me know in advance and we’ll arrange for some other way of communication*

*can be as simple as confirming you’ll let me know what’s going on in the chat 


I care about your privacy and mine.

I only record my voice. That’s it!

I don’t record any video — not of me, not of you. 

I need an e-mail address so i can send you invites, contact you if needed (for example, if your connection disappears mid-call), and do my duty of care

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