Odyssey (Coaching) Membership

Hypnotherapy, coaching and more.

Instead of this ‘quick fix’ mentality, we’ll focus on change as a long term investment in yourself, imrpoving the quality of your life and self-efficacy.

Hypnotherapy and coaching — 2 sessions per month with all the effective stuff I’ve acquired from over 20 years of helping people;

E-mail and messaging support between sessions;

Multiple changes — as many as you can get in 4 months to a year;

Take the pressure off and make the journey a little more comfortably — give yourself space to address and improve small things (you might not even have to address the big things when you make changes to the foundations);

Membership to the site and Library is included;

Special courses exclusive to Odyssey membership;

Resilience and Independence — we work towards you being able to use some of the techniques, skills, philosophy and psychology I use so that you can make changes for yourself.

This is the most cost-effective way I can think of to offer you the best chance at many successes, plus independence, resilience and develop a stronger, healthier sense of self. 

This isn’t for everybody. If you think ‘if I just fix this one thing, everything will be perfect’, then consider some hypnotherapy sessions. 

This is for people who want to take a broader, more thorough approach to personal development. This is where you begin the journey to ‘gently take back control of your life and really shine.’

It’s £97.50 per month, which works out at £48.50 per session, including all of the above. 

Why is this cheaper than individual hypnotherapy sessions? Surely something’s missing?

I want to encourage people to look at change and personal development over a longer period. It’s an odyssey — the journey of a lifetime, with many adventures and changes in fortune.

No more of this ‘quick fix’, ‘life hack’ or ‘one simple trick’. I don’t think you’re broken. I can’t fix you. That’s not how change and development work. Who wants to be tricked or hacked?

By taking a little of the pressure off, we can take a more gentle, thorough approach. We can build some stronger foundations to make everything later a little easier. We get to build in resilience. When something challenging comes up, when you respond less-than-delightfully, it becomes an opportunity to tidy up, make a change, get curious about what happens. That’s very different from panic, fear, powerlessness and helplessness.

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