MindSpa Membership

£ 17 50
  • Full access to 130+ recordings to build your MindSpa
  • Download your favourites for offline enjoyment
  • Live events (MindSpa Weekly and Sunday Sleep Sessions)
  • You're in charge – cancel subscription at any time

Hypnotherapy Sessions (60 - 90 mins)

Sessions between 60 and 90 mins, dependent on needs and progress.

For help with: phobias, fears; habits, hair pulling, smoking; stress and anxiety; performance and public speaking.

single session

£ 180
  • if you've already worked with me before

block of 5

£ 120
  • affordable and sustainable for long-term change
  • only £600 for 5 sessions
  • schedule as you need
  • ideal if you think it might take some extra work
  • e.g. public speaking, shyness, weight loss
after purchase, please check your invoice for scheduling info

block of 3

£ 150
  • typical for help with e.g. phobias
  • £450 total for block of 3 sessions
  • schedule as you need
after purchase, please check your invoice for scheduling info

Odyssey Coaching

minimum 3 months.

If you are on low or no income, there’s an option for this at £97.50 per month. On an honour system: I don’t need proof, just your word.

Head on over to for more info and to get started.

Odyssey Coaching

£ 197 50
  • 2 online hypnotherapy sessions a month
  • e-mail and message support between sessions
  • everything in the Voyager membership incl.
  • Lay down solid foundations for mental health
  • discover how to bring about change in thought and behaviour for yourself
  • Learn and use self-hypnosis
  • Outgrow limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours
  • Find out how to gently take back control of your life and really shine!
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