Deeply Nourishing Relaxation, Renewed


Deeply Nourishing Relaxation, Renewed (oh, and a good night’s sleep!)


Deeply Nourishing Relaxation, Renewed (oh, and a good night’s sleep!)

There’s something special about being able to cast aside stress, worry, expectation and concern. 30 minutes of freedom; much-needed and restorative profound relaxation, body and mind.

The first Tuesday of the month is our regular return to the Room for Relaxation. Free, open to all — a midweek break to reset and refresh.

Leaving behind the chaos and demands of the day and week, we set off on an Adventure to explore some relaxation. Not just any relaxation, though — something nourishing, an experience that renews us.

We’ve spent some time enjoying simple and effective imagery with a comfortable bench, using it to take a shortcut to super soothing, comfortable relaxation. This time we used it as a shortcut to get the Good Stuff early, setting the scene for an even more satisfying experience within the MindSpa itself.

(Missed it before? Listen to the excerpt ‘A bench, a cloud, a grassy hill: a shortcut to deep, delightful relaxation’ here: )

Through MindSpa reception, we headed to the Room for Relaxation. Familiar imagery to help settle into wonderfully soothing, nourishing relaxation.

And then …

Suggestions for restorative, deep sleep.

On our return, we’re presented with a choice:

turn off the device, and drift off into comfortable sleep;

or re-orient, enjoy the day, and enjoy this delightful sleep later on.

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