field of possibilities


What would you do with a field of possibilities?


What would you do with a field of possibilities?


would you …


turn up with something to explore,

get unstuck, 

explore new ideas,

think differently?


Or, would you

sit back,

get comfortable,

and see what shows up?


Maybe leave a little room to surprise yourself?


We start with

a dive into physical, mental and emotional relaxation,

get some perspective,


and head off on an Adventure to the MindSpa, and


the field of possibilities …




a request for 


in our chat beforehand (another great part of attending live) we got a delightful, intriguing request: a field of possibilities.


We spoke of what you’d do with one. 

Would it be like crayons,

or colouring pencils?

you can blend them,

different textures.


Or maybe explore time, dimensions,

and explore other ways of thinking

in surprising ways. 


My favourite part:

‘Wow! I had a hard time staying awake during that one!’


Brings us back to conversations we’ve had before, about whether you’re really asleep during these experiences, who’s the you that brings you back at the right time in the right way, and what happens when our conscious mind (whatever that is) takes a welcome break, sits back and lets go.


A delightful experience all round. 

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