Gateway to Calm


a gateway to calm, even when life’s busy


I love the chats we have before the meditation/trance/hypnotic Adventure. It’s a chance to catch up with people – and find out what’s going on that I might be able to help with. This way, I’m creating experiences to help fellow adventurers, not just for myself or what I think people might be struggling with. A reality check, if you like, that helps keep me focused. 


This time around, the big question of where do we find time to take care of ourselves when we lead busy lives? 


One answer is obvious: schedule it, plan it, make it happen. 

And then what? How do you take care of yourself, look after your mind, get calm when you need it? 


How do you get calm, soothed, relaxed, on purpose?


And, what about the other answers? They’re less obvious at first, but much more convenient and immediate.


I’ve a few suggestions – and a delightful audio experience to help guide you to some answers. 


What just happened? Gateway to Calm …

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