Lead zeppelin and space oven mitts


What do space oven mitts and a lead zeppelin tell you about how to move more elegantly through the world?

And, how do these things have anything to do with joy and love?



Does your routine for taking care of your mind and mental health feel good, or does it feel like a chore?


When you go looking for solutions to problems, searching for inner resources like calm or curious, is it a playful and creative experience?


And what about your meditations. Do you feel good? Like, occasionally laugh out loud good?


Every Tuesday, I share a hypnotic and meditative experience live over Zoom. Each week, I’m joined on this Adventure by delightful and interesting people. Each week, I ask if anyone’s got any suggestions or requests.


This week, they ambushed me with Led Zeppelin and hand rejuvenation mittens. 


It was said in jest, but I’m totally in!


I frequently say how pleased I am that the MindSpa structure is so versatile it can accommodate pretty much anything I’ve come across so far. Let’s put it to the test!


With some artistic licence, we came up with something pretty extraordinary. 


Firmly rooted in the psychology I use to help people in private sessions, with a playful twist. It is therapeutic, not therapy. It’s meant to remind me (and you, if you like!) of the value of humour, playfulness and creativity in developing resilience and better mental health. 


The recordings are great. The live events — well, that’s the next level. 


So, how did it go? Something like this:


Begin with some deeply enjoyable relaxation.


Explore past and future as you sail through the skies.


Make a note of the waypoints, the landmarks, so that you can navigate your daily life. Use them to find your way easily back to your path – even with your eyes closed.


Journey deeper, to your MindSpa, a sanctuary filled with resources to help make your life easier, to look after yourself – and communicate more elegantly, effectively and enjoyably with yourself. 


And within, a room for … 


space oven mitts?


What does a lead zeppelin tell you about how to move more elegantly through the world?


And, how do these things have anything to do with joy and love?


What just happened? Lead Zeppelin and space oven mitts

Listen to it free here:




I had to take out some of the pauses, room for me to think or where I gave time for attendees to process, so that I could make this under 30 minutes in length – the maximum for Adobe’s free podcast sound enhancement. The live event gave more space for people to explore and take their time. 


I recommend the podcast enhanced version this time round. For some reason, 6.50pm on a Tuesday is when two dog owners have decided to announce their meeting in the street. Zoom does a great job of filtering out extraneous sounds, but the Yeti mic I use does not. Since I don’t have a recording studio (oh that would be amazing), the podcast-enhanced version is probably the better this week.

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