Relaxation and Healing


Healing and deeper relaxation


Many years ago, when beginning this mind and communication journey, I got chatting with a friend. She’d injured her knee in her early teens, and all hopes for continuing competitive sports were dashed.

Well, she got pretty comfortable, closed her eyes and I offered her some ideas that might help.
When she opened her eyes, she told me of her experience, describing some extraordinary healing, of feeling the knee adjusting. Within a week she was back to exercise, and capoeira shortly after that. I believe she returned to her favourite sport shortly after (something like a decade after being told she’d never be able to). Amazing stuff!

I still believe there are no magic words, that pretty much all hypnosis is self-hypnosis — so, the credit lies with her.

Whenever I recall this experience, I wonder what we cheat ourselves out of — what expectations we live down to, instead of rising to the challenge or living the best, most satisfying and rewarding life we can (if that’s important to you).

Anyway, last week’s healing and deeper relaxation request was a great success. I don’t think I remember the words and concepts exactly as I offered them to my friend some 15 years ago, and maybe it doesn’t matter. Feedback was excellent (‘super powerful’ is my favourite) and I’m glad I could send out recordings of it.

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