Relaxation, power, a bench


get so comfortable, drift deeply into an enjoyable, rewarding relaxation. Feel incredible


We opened with a visit to the MindSpa, to the Room for Relaxation. And then, it all got a bit… well, you be the judge.

On the way to the MindSpa, we found a bench. Not just any bench, though. It had a great view, the air fresh, a sense of expansiveness, clear-headed. On sitting or lying down, we got so comfortable, drifted deeply into such an enjoyable, rewarding relaxation. It felt incredible.

And then we discovered the bench folds neatly up in a small space. It’s so light, you’d barely notice carrying it around. So we can carry the bench around with us, put it down when needed, and get back those same wonderful sensations whenever and wherever we want …

At some point we explored the metaphor of an iceberg. There’s the top part, shiny in the light, yet it’s supported by so much more beneath the surface.

We headed into the MindSpa and the Room for Relaxation. Within, we experienced another way and another type of relaxation. We watched the energy flow through us, weaving energy, personal power and relaxation together, in and through the body.

And that… well, that’s as much of a summary as I can give. It’s a remarkable journey. I’m really pleased with this one. I put it on the other night to fall asleep with and had a great time.

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