the rain


Washing away emotional yuck: the rain


Washing away emotional yuck: the rain


It got hot here for a while. After so much sun, heat, the ground looked parched. The streets are dirty and there’s a smell of trash left baking by the curbs.

It starts to feel a bit oppressive, like there’s a weight bearing down, like something’s got to give.

There’s this moment where the quality of light changes and it seems almost unreal. The air has this almost electric quality to it. You can tell there’s something coming. The clouds roll in fast.

Then the heavens open. A deluge pours down.

Dry streets and earth are ill-prepared to handle the torrential rain. Rivulets converge on fast-running, turbulent streams that sprint downhill, pooling in urban lakes.

Thucks of rain on concrete, tapping on leaves, drumming on windows.

Time passes …

and the downpour eases. The skies lighten, clouds dissipate. The warm summer sun saunters back to centre stage, nonchalant and carefree, as if nothing has happened.

But something has happened.

The last of the water chases down streets, down grilles and drains. There’s a change in the air: fresh, clean, clear.

It’s like a reset button has been pushed.

Pressure lifted; the world lighter.

Progress is clear and easier.


We left feeling clearer, cleaner, fresh and lighter. All that yuck, stress, worry and pressure we carried around with us, washed away — and that’s just one part of this week’s MindSpa Adventure.

A truly refreshing experience.

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