Here are a few kind words that some people I’ve helped have left behind. Yours could soon be here as well, when you discover what it’s like to gently take back control of your life and really shine…

“My husband, Dave Dobson,PhD and I, Barbara J. Stepp, have helped people for over 90 years with our No Fault Psychology ™ and Other than Conscious Communication ™.  We call ourselves people helpers.  I am delighted to recommend Fred Fogarty as a caring, skilled people helper. Whether it is relaxation, stress management, any pattern of thought/behavior you want to outgrow or a goal to achieve, he can assist you. I highly recommend him and respect him as a colleague.
Enjoy his Mind Spa Odyssey!  You’ll be delighted when you do!”

Barbara J Stepp, NLP™, DHE® Master Trainer, Premier Coach,
Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist, No Fault Psychology™,
Other than Conscious Communication™

Life changing events happen in many ways… there are those that happen naturally… suddenly… or even magically. But what about if you could take any aspect of your life and change it into something you always dreamed it would be, also what about if this change could happen as easily as you breathe and to top it all off what if it took the same amount of time to make the changes as it does for you to get ready to go to work in the morning? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well no actually it doesn’t… all this is easily achievable… I should know. I used to be a shy child who conversed only when absolutely necessary with little or no confidence for most or all of the time, 1 session with Fred later and I was well on the way to recovery, I was talking more and even making friends. Years of frustration were overcome and all I had done was relaxed in comfort for the better part of an hour, it really was that simple. Now seriously isn’t this something you really should have a go at?


Knowing Fred both as a friend and a professional, I would highly recommend him to practise hypnotherapy. He has helped me a great deal in enabling me to make significant personal changes surrounding problems which were negatively affecting my life. His help was delivered confidently and sensitively within a safe environment and confidentiality was also respected. I am now enjoying the positive benefits of seeking help from Fred and feel that I will continue to use his hypnotherapy skills in future. I am sure that many others could also be benefiting from his effective therapy.

Nicola Elder

For dealing with panic attacks Fred’s technique is excellent. After only two sessions he has sorted me out just fine. 

I am most grateful for his help.

M. B.


I went to Fred for help when I was studying for my history finals last year. Basically I had a real problem applying the information I had learnt to different essay questions, and had a tendency to panic. The hypnotherapy was primarily concerned with helping me to relax in stressful exam situations. This allowed me to access the facts I had stored away and then go on to think about the questions without getting flustered. 

I have also used hypnotherapy to help with my break dancing. Breaking is an exhibitionist’s sport, and you need confidence to look good. I love dancing but sometimes lack that confidence, especially as girls are often judged by their male counterparts, and judged harshly. The hypnotherapy allowed me to draw on times I had felt confident in the past and transfer this feeling to when I was about to dance. Most people actually noticed a marked improvement in the way I presented my dancing.

Lindsey Jordan

Thanks Fred!!!! It felt good and not at all intimidating to post on the list, Thanks to you! You made the use of the 3-d mind process so clear and easy. I appreciate the time and effort you took to guide me through the process. I don’t think I ever would have gotten there on my own if you hadn’t helped me… and what is better we were continents and time zones away and it still worked! I will knock on your door when and IF I need help again!



(Tampa Bay)