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Give yourself or someone you care about a gift — like the gift of profound, satisfying relaxation. 

All recordings are £12.50. 

Or, you can sign up for MindSpa Membership, which is also only £12.50 per month, gives you access to all the recordings, courses, guides, live events — and you can cancel any time.  Thsi way, you can sample any and all of the recordings, find the ones you love, download and keep them for offline use. 

And, if you enjoy the content, I hope you’ll stick around a bit longer!

There are over 100 recordings, with more added monthly. They’re all available in the membership area. 

I want to focus on creating curiosity, exploration and delight — and I can best do this in the membership area, where all the recordings are available (and within days of the live events). 


I create these beautiful experiences (the MindSpa Adventures) for entertainment and education. They’re not intended to replace qualified medical and psychological care.

If you think you might need more help than an enjoyable recording, please seek out the help you need. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, how it can help you, or my 1 year coaching programme, contact me and let’s get chatting

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Please log in to view the above code. Then use it as a voucher (coupon for my friends over the pond) to get the downloads for free as part of your membership.


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