a Gentle River of Relaxation

What Just Happened?

Getting comfortable,


Not just your regular feet up, end of day exhaustion – 

Deeply satisfying relaxation,  the kind that leaves you feeling nourished, replenished, satisfied.

Normally, we do this on the first Tuesday of the month.

Last week we headed back to the Room for Resolutions. We’d cleaned house a little, left some of the old and no-longer-needed bits of experience in the past; we’d created fertile ground for growth with our Boxing day ‘Gifts and Gratitude’ event. It seemed like a fine time to sow the seeds of the future.

So, this week we returned to the simple – remember how to relax, drift off and feel great.

I’ll get the admin wrapped up and the recording on the website very soon. You’ll find it available for free over at https://mindspaodyssey.com/the-mindspa/ .

(Photo by Saffu on Unsplash)

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