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Metaphor and story to help find delightful memories, experiences and sensations, to dig them up, polish them, enjoy something beautiful. 

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Stained Glass Bathtub

Find something rewarding, enjoyable;

a deeper appreciation of yourself;

a simple visualisation to help you create your own beautiful trance, a blissful focused awareness that feels great.

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Workshop Facilitator Meditation

Step into the future, experience success — the satisfaction and reward of delivering a compelling, engaging, enjoyable Workshop — and use that experience to figure out how to become that person and deliver the content so well.

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Relaxation, Joy, Sleep

Ever lay back, get comfortable and enjoy basking in a growing sense of joy and accomplishment?

And then … drift off for a very pleasant sleep

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Plant seeds of curiosity, playfulness, creativity.
Visit the aurora goddess, this time with snow

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