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Today’s visit to the audio Archives: Relax, Take Care of Yourself

‘Last week we headed back to the MindSpa for a popular classic: the Room for Relaxation.

We practised moving through relaxation, from physical to mental. While enjoying a beautiful and enjoyable trance, we continued to build a regular practice, making time and space in a busy world to look after ourselves.

Years ago, I created the Room for Relaxation at a challenging time in my life. There was a lot going on, I wasn’t sleeping well, and I needed to do something about it.

One of the things that I was surprised by when studying for my degree was research demonstrating the body does a remarkable amount of healing and recovery just by being still. I didn’t need perfect sleep to make improvements, I just needed to keep my body still — and, in order to do that, I needed to engage and occupy my mind.

So I created the Room for Relaxation: a mix of story, instruction, suggestion, music, visualisation. It doesn’t matter whether I follow along, let it wash over me, drift off and do my own thing, enjoy the music, actively engage with it or any combination. It was a way to engage my busy mind, enjoy the experience, and keep my body still so I could repair. Conveniently, it also helped me get to sleep, get comfortable and check out on long journeys, and more. Nice!’


Sometimes, just setting time and space aside for taking care of ourselves is enough to start. No need to make it complicated.

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