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bubbles and a mindkit

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Bubbles and a mindkit 

We’ve got kits for first aid, sewing, bicycles and more. Where’s the one for our mind? In our pre-adventure chat, we spoke of an old personal Facebook post of mine that got picked up recently. People added all sorts of wonderful ideas to a list of things to keep in a mental first-aid kit.

I’d meant it to be metaphorical, with reliable processes for calm, resilience, energising, and so on. Pretty soon we’d got a whole bunch of answers from the practical to the creative. 

Here are a few examples:

sour sweets – candy for our friends over the pond – for blood sugar crashes and to deal with fatigue;

crochet hook & yarn to make a blanket;

a book of jokes;

colouring pencils; and

something snuggly. 

Some great ideas and thank you to everyone who suggested something for the list!

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