the MindSpa Adventures

bubbles and candles

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What do the candles mean?

Over there, up the gentle grassy slope, at the top, there’s that comfy bench.

Enjoy the view, or close your eyes and drift deeply down into comfort and relaxation.

Head on down, past the tree-lined path (I’ll bet it looks a little different at this time of year!) to the MindSpa.

Inside, the Room for Scrubbing Bubbles and a spa tub for scrubbing away stress and worry. 

Climb in and get comfortable. Then …

Experience and energy flow out, 

impurities removed,

scrubbed clean.

3 candles burn beside the tub, with some message or aid.

Only you know what they are, what they mean. 

This time.

Energy and experience – 

fresh, pure, 

crystal clear, clean

– returned to you. Lighter, you leave, 

feeling freshed, renewed, ready to take on the world.

What just happened? Bubbles and candles

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