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Bubbles, Invigorating

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The day, the week, the month – all that stress, strain, worry and yuck – anything less-than-delightful,

Release it, get it out, and scrub it clean.

As it’s cleaned up, there’s a lightness, something invigorating;

There’s an sense of raw energy, clean and clear and refreshing;

And a surge of energy, enjoyable sensations, as this clean, clear energy circulates through you, body and mind.

And the journey to get there?

Find out in this week’s MindSpa Adventure: Bubbles, invigorating


One of the joys of turning up live to the MindSpa events: requests!

This week, a request to return to the Room for Scrubbing Bubbles.

I love it. I’ve been feeling pretty damn good this week, and this is part of the reason. It’s a great experience.

And, because we’ve had a bit of practice, we can take some shortcuts and get straight to the Good Stuff.

You don’t need a full story every time. If you’ve been somewhere once, you can take the shortcut.

What do I mean?

Someone starts off some lyrics you know, and pretty soon your mind offers up the rest of the chorus.

A friend starts a familiar quote from a movie (for me, it’s probably from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and I’m back enjoying the scene in the cinema of the mind.

Maybe it’s an invitation to relive some peak experience. That one sunset you caught by accident that was just so beautiful you stopped, enthralled, and watched. A joke you don’t even need the punchline to find hilarious.

We can point at something truly enjoyable and satisfying, and get there pretty quickly without a lot of steps. Same with the MindSpa: get in there, enjoy the experience and get some fab results. Get some rehearsal/practice in, and it’s there for you when you need it — even in tricky situations. Just point your mind at it, and it’ll take the shortcut.

A 30 minute audio experience becomes a skill you can access in seconds.

So, a big ‘Thank you!’ to all the people who’ve been turning up and joining in regularly, and to anyone following along on the website. And, if you need a little extra practice to get there quickly and effectively, there’s plenty to enjoy on your journey to get there. Check out the link at the bottom of this post.

(PS We’re starting up monthly Sunday Sleep Story Sessions from the end of March. Last Sunday of the month, 9.30pm UK time. Like a bedtime story for grown-ups (or people pretending to be 🙂 ), designed to lull you to sleep, filled with suggestions, metaphors and structure to help you sleep better and make the week easier.)

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