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If you’re into energy and chakras, here’s a delightful way to clean ‘em out. 

If you’re not (and even if you are), this visit to the cave of lights is a beautiful, peaceful way to recharge, get rid of emotional ‘yuck’, and feel refreshed

What just happened? Cave of lights

We began our MindSpa Adventure with a little trip to the bench on the grassy hill. We used it to get super comfortable, relaxed, soothed, and explore ideas of colours – how they affect us and how we can use this knowledge to bring about measurable improvements in our experience.

(Need some practise getting super relaxed? The grassy hill and bench are an amazing way to explore profound physical and mental relaxation. Take the shortcut to a beautiful, soothing trance and rehearse the foundations: )

Within the MindSpa, we headed to the cave of lights. Within, a place marked out for you to sit or lie down, calm, and wait. We moved down through the body with appropriately coloured light, through energy centres, getting rid of the ‘yuck’. Recharged, refreshed, stronger, we had all the less-than-delightful stuff whisked away at the end. 

A bit more experimental in this audio experience. I guess that’s part of the experience when creating something live first time round!

I borrowed a big chunk of the energy clearing/cleaning from my friend and mentor Barb Stepp. Her healing meditation (which heavily influenced my recording) is delightful, something I still return to time and again, and it’s available at

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