Today’s visit to the audio Archives: Gardening

‘Last week, a request and suggestion from Cat, one of the Weekly regulars. Thanks, Cat!

We headed to the MindSpa Garden. I’d first dreamed up some ideas for it at the Holistic Ways Festival some years ago, when asked to give a talk on ‘thrive and survive’. Simple to construct given how flexible the MindSpa is.

A garden in the mind where you can explore a lot of ideas, get perspective and focus, make a few changes. Grow the things you want, put the weeds on the compost heap. What’s important, purpose…

I don’t really know how to explain it yet. Maybe it doesn’t need explaining. I’m not a big fan of reducing complex exploration and interconnected experience to a single social media post and picture. Some things, I think, are for experiencing.

When the great Dave Dobson finished doing formal trance experiences, he’d ask people not to pry into others’ experience of it, saying ‘everyone’s entitled to their own private garden’. So, though the feedback was very favourable, I haven’t asked for specifics.

I think I’ll go back tonight, fall asleep in the garden, feel the earth between my fingers and dream.

If you can dream it up, you can use it. If you aren’t sure how, maybe having a MindSpa can help.’

The Garden. It’s a lovely metaphor. It gave us structure to figure out what to nurture, how to nurture. It also covered not only what to do with the weeds but also their value. A super, earthy, natural, wholesome Adventure. Now available to download and take with you.

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