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Golden rivers of the sky

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Is it true that you never set foot in the same river twice?
Are you the same person that returns from an Adventure?

Head out on a journey and stop by a comfortable bench on a grassy hill. As you watch the golden sunset, reach out and explore the richness and warmth of enjoyable memories, experiences, sensations. Follow the golden river to your MindSpa and a room that’s just for you.

What just happened? Golden rivers of the sky

MindSpa Adventures: 30 minute hypnotic and meditative audio experiences to help you relax, get rid of stress and get to sleep more easily.

I find it tricky sometimes to articulate what happens on these little MindSpa audio adventures. I’m often entranced, creating new worlds and fascinating experiences. Each one’s unique and I probably don’t know where we’re going until we’ve set off.

There are a few themes I want to explore in the coming months. It’s too early for a dive into awesome autumnal stuff, tho’ we touched on it here. Themes of turning supposed learning, development and change into spirals of progress. We’ll revisit them in future Adventures.

If you haven’t yet, I recommend listening to some of the other MindSpa Adventures. One of the things I find most valuable in these Weekly sessions is that we get to use foundations and shortcuts we’ve already laid down. That frees us up to do some fascinating stuff!

This time, I leave the MindSpa room open and up to you. You might choose one of the ones you’ve already created, you might find something new, much-needed, fascinating.

MindSpa MiniMeditations

Little reminders and content to help you explore the Adventures

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