Green Comet

What Just Happened? the Green Comet

Another audio Adventure at the intersection of hypnosis, meditation and contemplation. The full experience I find tricky to describe without making it about my interpretation. Everybody experienced something different, personal, meaningful.

So, here goes with an overview 🙂

Celebrating the passing of the ‘Green Comet’ on the 1st and 2nd Feb by using it to explore some interesting and useful ideas.

Green: ‘Go’, permission, health, spring, youth, permission …

The comet: a once-in-many-lifetimes occurrence. Beautiful, last seen 50,000 years ago. Something to celebrate and witness.

We explored green, a lovely little piece of imagery to enjoying the colour, its meaning and importance. 
And some more questions: 
What’s worth celebrating in life?
How do you structure your experience of the world to get more awesome, rare experiences?
How do you spot these, even if they’re far aware or obscured by shiny distractions?

Up in the membership area, also available for the next week for free at  (replaced ‘Journey through the Stars’)

(Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash)

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