Indulgent Relaxation, Joy

today’s dip into the audio Archives: Indulgent Relaxation, Joy

‘Taking it a little easier this week, going back to basics, and remembering that relaxation is something we do, naturally.
For me, there’s a difference between the kind of easy going relaxation, and the really nice, deep, indulgent relaxation when everything’s taken care of, and I can really let go.

We brought back a little something with us from the MindSpa: something to bring a smile and joy.
Simple, clear, effective. Very enjoyable.

It’s good to get back to the basics – and, I think, discover that we’ve made progress we might not have noticed.’

I really connected with this one at the time. I’d been working so hard on creating the MindSpa experience as a whole, the recordings, structure, new Adventures and things to explore …

It really is important to sometimes, I think, take a step back and appreciate just how far we’ve come.

It was also an early exploration of the texture, nuance and subtlety of relaxation. It doesn’t have to be zonked out, or so relaxed you forget to remember where you’ve been, or so relaxed you don’t even want to lift an arm.
It can be indulgent, luxurious, or a peaceful moment quickly taken in the middle of the day just for yourself, or fleeting and warm like some satisfying nostalgia.

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