Inner Artist

Today’s visit to the audio Archives: Inner Artist

‘We had an opportunity to head on in for a little surprise I came up with a couple of days ago: the room for the Inner Artist.

Since we’ve a lovely, growing membership of artists and artistics, it seemed like somewhere worth exploring.

Art isn’t just for artists, and the act of creation is for everyone.

We stepped into the room for the Inner Artist with something in mind: creativity; insight for a problem; some challenge we needed help with; a future we wanted to make happen; or maybe something else.

It was, importantly, an opportunity to get creative, to give ourselves permission to screw up, make mistakes, get experience – and then use that experience to help ourselves.

I don’t know what people came up with during the experience. All I know is a lot of happy, relaxed people came back with a smile.
And the usual reports of ‘I fell asleep!’ – even when everyone returns, refreshed and renewed, at the appropriate time.

Another great Adventure in the MindSpa.’


I always enjoy the chats before we get comfortable and head off to the MindSpa. As I get to know people a little better, we get to chatting, and it helps me create new experiences that are relevant, valuable and rewarding.

I’ve been dwelling on how valuable it is, turning up to the live events. The chats we share help direct where we go and shape the experience.

The MindSpa experience wouldn’t be where and what it is today without everyone who has showed up or been in touch this last year and a half.

Thank you ♥

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