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Inner Goddess and Constellations

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Do you give yourself credit for your successes, or do you dismiss them?

Do you value who and what you are?

Since we’ve been people, we’ve looked up and drawn shapes in the stars. We drew patterns and told stories of what it is to be human.

Bravery, courage, love — simple or complex, we found a place for it out there in the cosmos.

But here’s the thing: we placed them outside of ourselves – like putting something or someone on a pedestal.

It’s an illusion.

You and I probably haven’t met, yet I’ll bet on two things:

  • you don’t value yourself as much as you ought; and 
  • you’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.

It’s a very human experience.

So, how do you explore what there is to love and enjoy about you?

Where do you start on the journey to valuing yourself more?

I’d say it starts wherever you are now — and, if you’re curious, I can point a few things out for you 

as we explore the stars, constellations of meaning,

head into the MindSpa,

where the Inner Goddess holds a gift 

just for you …

What just happened?  Inner goddess and constellations


Feedback from this week’s MindSpa?

‘Floaty …’


Around International Women’s Day each year we head to the MindSpa and the Room for the Inner Goddess. 

A long while ago, I realised a lot of women in my life were regularly performing miracles: running a household, doing the chores, taking care of their partner, children, while working full-time or running a business. They didn’t seem to give themselves credit for a fraction of what they accomplished on a daily basis. Everyone just took it for granted.

I wrote a little adventure for anyone who, if they wanted, could take some time to surprise themselves, finding delight within, valuing themself more. 

I called this adventure the Inner Goddess. 

A less-long-while ago, I updated it to be more inclusive. 

And, this year, we changed it up a little based on our wee chats before beginning the adventure. If you’ve listened to previous versions, check out this one. It’s a little different.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did live!


Photo credit goes to Photo by Jingxi Lau on Unsplash

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