Inner Light

Today’s dive into the audio Archives? Inner Light

‘Yesterday’s Adventure, we headed to the MindSpa to find our inner light.

On the way, we found something important, kept it close. Inside, we each found (or reconnected with) our inner light and strengthened it. We explored how to navigate the world, what changed for us, when illuminated from within.

It’s hard for me to say what happened. It’s hard to describe. Everyone’s journey was different, got something unique out of it.
And then we finished with an excellent chat: we’re much more than just the conscious part of us.

When you’re sleeping, someone calls your name and you wake up – who was doing the listening? (Of course there was more, but you had to be there.)

A really enjoyable experience all round.

A big thank you to Kerry Lee of for her inner light request and her ability to spark great dialogue.’


This one was delightful! I’m so glad we came back round to it. The conversation after was stimulating and interesting. A great Tuesday MindSpa Weekly.

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