Journey through the stars

What Just Happened? Journey through the stars

Explore your experience,
self and world.

With a sense of curiosity,
We journey through the stars.

What brings you joy?
Pick a star

You’d love to visit and explore,
your Journey through the stars.

A more contemplative, meditative visit to the MindSpa this week. We used the stars as a metaphor for important or salient things in our lives. Metaphor provides all kinds of valuable connections, insight and exploration that restrictive ‘thinking harder’ doesn’t.

There are quite a few questions and ideas to explore in the recording. I’m not going to liste them here – what use is metaphor without context and the journey? 🙂

This recording is up online at and available for free (doesn’t even need an e-mail address) for you to enjoy for a week.

When creating something new, I’m always curious what it’s like for people. I love that people trust me to dream up fascinating, rewarding new experiences – and I also like to test my work to make sure we’re getting value and results. If you listen to it, and you’re moved to do so, please send me feedback. I appreciate it!

(Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash)

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