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Leave your body behind, refreshed

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Experience truly nourishing relaxation. Not the TV soundtrack, social media scrolling ‘relaxation’ that permeates so much of our lives. Instead, something that leaves you feeling refreshed, calm, nourished. 

Head off on an adventure to a spa in your mind – a MindSpa. On the way, stop by a very comfortable bench and get familiar with some soothing, enjoyable relaxation. It’s just the beginning.

Within the MindSpa, the Room for Relaxation. Explore different ways of creating nourishing relaxation intentionally. An added bonus this week: get a break from your body. Simple imagery and instructions for dissociation, leaving the body and any discomfort behind.

Bring back the best bits of your nourishing, soothing, relaxing experience, and leave the rest behind. 

What just happened?  Leave your body behind, refreshed.


It’s part of Monthly Nourishing Relaxation, live events on Tuesdays 6.30pm UK time. 

We return to the Room for Relaxation for a few reasons:

remembering how to really relax feels great;

it builds strong foundations for accessing trance and hypnotic states;

which means developing skills for self-hypnosis and autosuggestion; and …

I went through decades of chronic pain. Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cartilage injury, broken or chipped bones, ‘growing pains’, sprains and strains – you get the idea. 

At the time of recording my first MindSpa experience, I couldn’t really sleep I was in so much pain. I needed to get a break from the discomfort.

Fortunately, I’d come across research showing that a significant amount of healing happens if we just stay still. What a relief!

So, I wrote and recorded an experience to help me climb out of my body, leave it and the pain behind. I could be free to explore, free to float around and feel better, relieved, comfortable. I could think more clearly.

So it’s nice to come back to some of the origins of the MindSpa in this Monthly Nourishing Relaxation. 

I’ve started calling these things ‘recreational meditations’. 

I think you’ll enjoy them plenty if: 

you like the idea of meditation but find it a bit boring; or 

if you like falling asleep to podcasts, sleep stories, or sounds of nature. 

Even more so if you like the idea of learning foundations to help you gently take back control of your life and really shine!

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MindSpa MiniMeditations

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