Looking after yourself

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

Looking after yourself

Guided visualisation for a room in your MindSpa to take care of yourself.

Think shaman’s hut, full of herbs, balms, innate wisdom, and a modern twist.

Oh, this one was fun! Whenever we go a little off track and explore some new, fun stuff, I tend to feel a little uncertain. I’m glad I took the chance and remembered I’m just the guide.

It’s a fantasy/sci-fi crossover. We found a little hut, like an old wise healer might have, filled with herbs, plants, old tomes of wisdom and knowledge. A table sits to the side, a scanner attached, so you can visualise what’s going on, get insight and ideas for health and healing.

There was something important, I think, in one of the books. I can’t quite remember right now. Classic hypnotic phenomenon from an enjoyable trance experience: I remember getting comfortable, relaxing more deeply, enjoying the journey, getting to the hut, acquainted with the layout, and then …

I remember reorienting, feeling great, eyes opening, a sense of peace and that I’d done something important and rewarding for myself.

Good times!

I’ve got it ready for download now (and it’s of course around in the Library if you want to revisit it https://mindspaodyssey.com/the…/looking-after-yourself/ )

In other news, I think this week’s MindSpa Weekly made it 80 recordings officially on the site!

Next week will be the monthly Relaxation event on Tuesday, free and open to all.

Unsure what’s involved? We get together on Zoom and explore some super satisfying relaxation. The Weekly ones are bit like a meeting point between hypnosis, meditation and contemplation. The monthly Relaxation one is straight up comfort, relaxation, feel great.

If you think you might need a bit of a break, some space in your week away from all the demands, expectation and stress, this might be for you!

Check out https://mindspaodyssey.com/the-mindspa/ for some free recordings.

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